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Egyptian Cat Girl Goddess Model Kit By Digital Dark Pinups 18+

Egyptian Cat Girl Goddess Model Kit By Digital Dark Pinups 18+

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Egyptian Cat Girl Goddess By Digital Dark Pinups
Amazing Sculpt by the talent over at Digital Dark Pinups!

Highly detailed Resin model Printed in ABS like Resin for maximum Durability. Model is unassembled for Easy Painting and goes together very easily. Minis will not be sent in pieces but printed as one piece.

Model comes in 4 sizes and Many Variations
(User Reference Photo to decide on one you want)

101mm (4in), 139mm(5.5in), and 180mm(7in), 228mm (9in)

SFW and NSFW, and Futanari (message us to see pictures of this version)
If you would like Larger sizes message me as well.

Check reference photos for the different variations. Thank you!

These models are made to order, so please allow 5-7 days for me to print, clean and cure the model. I do some sanding but for larger models, there will be more work involved by the buyer! Do note we do not accept returns do to the nature of made to order products. However we will do exchanges in the event of damage via shipping. Most if not all models will be printed in Grey Resin for easy sanding, and priming before painting.

If you would like me to sand large models please send me a message and allow additional time to allow me to do this.
Model requires assembly, Mini versions do not need any assembly. PLEASE NOTE - This is a Model KIT the images are for reference and color ideas only. You will receive a unpainted, and unassembled model, in most cases anything under 75mm will be assembled or as one piece unless stated otherwise.


Our Printshop uses 4K-8K Resin 3D printers. We print all of our models and minis at a .20-.50micon level for maximum details. All of our resin is high grade, ABS like resin, to ensure maximum durability. But like anything else it can still break so please treat them carefully.

We are officially licensed to sell Digital Dark Pin Ups models via their Patreon. If you don't see a model here we are selling head over to their Patreon to check out other models and message us, so we can put a listing up or direct you to our custom print service on Etsy.
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