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Our Print Shop is based out of New Jersey. We specialize in anything from small Miniatures to Larger scale models. We produce High Quality 3D resin, and FDM prints. We are officially licensed to sell any and all models shown on our website. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Need custom printing? Contact us for a quote!

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  • WHY US?

    We strive to give every purchase the love and care that we would expect as if we ourselves wanted to work on the models we sell. That means no defects in the print. Outside of usual support markings and clean up typically associated with 3D resin printing.


    Our customer satisfaction is important to us. If you have any issues with your order, or a part breaks in transit. We will ship out a new piece to you 100% free. Just send us the proof and within days receive a new part.


    We offer custom order options for models, miniatures, and figurines. If you have STLs from the internet or a Sculptor you want printed, we can do it. Just email us for a quote. (pricing options may vary depending on the size and difficulty of the print)